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Grand Slam

“More concerned with your exterior, want to add depth and gloss to your paint, remove some imperfections, trim restored, chrome polished, etc. Then this is it!!!

Complete Full Detail Service Included
Engine Bay Cleaning Wipe Down, Air Gun & Dress
Touch Up and/or Restore Headlights
Single Pass Deep Gloss Polish Removes…
• Paint Defects Caused @ Local Car Wash
• Light/Medium Scratches
• Moderate Swirls & Holograms
• Water Spots
Apply Ceramic Spray Sealant (Reload)
Apply “Solution Finish” To Restore Faded Trim
Polish All Visible Chrome
Apply Ragtop/Convertible Protectant

Superior Interior

“Multiple backseat Food Fights? Soiled Stains? Mold? Odors?Vomit?
“No Matter What, Everything Gets A Twice-Over”

▶︎Bag All Items
▶︎Remove All FloorMats/TrunkMats
▶︎Drill Brush And Vacuum Upholstery & Carpet
▶︎Pre-Treat All Stains
▶︎Double STEAM All Plastic, Leather, Vinyl Surfaces (Conditioner)*
▶︎Aggressively Spot Clean Headliner
▶︎Aggressively STEAM & HEATED Shampoo Extraction for Carpet & Upholstery
▶︎Ozone Generator May Be Utilized For Foul Odors

* Conditioner By Request Only
*Pet Hair Removal Included

Superior Full Detail

“Is This Your First Detail, If So, Then This Is The Ideal Package For You!
This Package Resets Your Vehicle’s Interior & Exterior No Matter The Season!
Trust Our Process & Protect Your Investment!”

▶︎Bag All Items
▶︎Remove & Pressure Wash All Floor Mats
▶︎Drill Brush And Vacuum Upholstery & Carpet
▶︎STEAM Clean All Plastic, Leather, Vinyl Surfaces (Conditioner)*
▶︎Spot Clean Headliner
▶︎Moderate Shampoo for Carpet/Upholstery

▶︎Moderate Bug&Tar Removal
▶︎Thoroughly Clean Tires & Rims
▶︎Clean Door/Trunk Jams
▶︎Hand Wash Only
▶︎Hand Wax Only (No Spray Wax!)
▶︎Apply Tire Shine
▶︎Clean All Windows

* By Request Only

Standard Detail*

Remove grease, grime and dust
(with TORNADOR air compressor)
Clean Armrests, Cupholders and Vents
Complete vacuum followed by a brush
Remove and clean car mats
Rubber/Plastic mats pressure washed
Shine Dash/Interior
Apply Ozium fragrance to interior
Pre-soak tires
Bug & Tar Remover applied to entire vehicle
Thick  Soap applied to exterior
Rinse and Wipe dry exterior
Spray Wax (That just waxed look and repels water)
Clean Windows
Tire Shine
*Not recommended for soiled or excessively dirty vehicles

Full Detail

Dash, Seats, Console area cleaned
Clean Armrests, Cupholders and Vents
All Crevices Cleaned
(with TORNADOR air compressor)
Interior Vacuum
Shampoo & Disinfectant Carpet
Clean all Plastic & Leather Surfaces
Clean Windows
Apply Ozium fragrance to interior
Engine degreased and cleaned
Bug & Tar Remover
Degrease Rims & Wheel Wells
Pro-Blend Hi-Gloss & Wax Soap
Rinse and Wipe dry exterior
Apply Wax Infused W/Sealant
Tire Shine For Wheels
Completely Remove Wax
Spray Wax Touch-Up If Needed
Inspect Entire Vehicle for Quality Assurance

Interior Detail

Remove grease, grime and dust
Clean Headliner, Dash, Door Jams
(with TORNADOR air compressor)
Clean Leather, Upholstery, and Vents
Complete vacuum
Shampoo and Deodorize Carpet
Commercial Steam
Leather Conditioner
Remove and clean car mats
Apply protectant to Dash/Interior
Ozium fragrance applied to interior

Other Detailings

Wax Only
Add to Standard Detail


Deep Steam Cleansing and Tornador of the engine area by releasing dirt and grime then giving all plastic parts a natural shine similar to the interior dash, etc. Strongly recommended for show cars, collector cars, and/or cars for sale. Will also help the vehicle to perform better.

Remove child seat and steam clean.

$10 each

Remove and vacuum pet hair.


Excessive PET HAIR of any sort greatly increases the time it takes for any detail, and therefore will be assessed (in person) accordingly.



“Older” vehicles or those with excessive mileage usually form a cloudy film (Sun Fading) around the headlights which hurts the vehicles looks along with decreasing light strength at night time. No need to replace old headlights, save money and restore.

Pending Scratches starts at…

$25 per panel

Home Detail